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The Big 5 Pillars For Strong SEO Foundation
April 26, 2019 in Blogging

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process in achieving higher rank within search engine results in order for more and more people to visit your site. If your site is not visible in search engine result, people are less likely to visit your site, hence the traffic would be low and your chance for to get conversion would be low as well. SEO Malaysia, through their research and experience, discover that there are five things to build in order for a site to have strong SEO foundation. Let us see what the five elements are:

  • Quality content

Search engines such as Google and Bing, are getting smarter and smarter in assorting good content to poor content. Their goal in sorting sites is to give the best quality answer to the query that users are looking for. So, to set your site at the top of the search engine result, improve your content quality before you proceed to other steps.

SEO Malaysia team also consists of copywriters that are experts in producing rich, and SEO-friendly content.

  • Site with high performance

Avoid poor hosting, opt for high speed load. Try to do technical audit first, and see whether there are some technical issues dragging you down. When a site does not load properly

  • Correct keywords

Your content should contain the correct keywords that people actually use to do searches. Do some research first to figure out the keywords, and then use a keyword planner in your SEO management.

  • Meta tags

This one is often overlooked, but they are actually critical to SEO success. You should create relevant, catchy descriptions, between 250-300 characters that draw people to click on your site.

  • Links

Last pillar is links. You should increase your quantity and quality of your backlinks so that your rank would go up and up to the first page of search engine results.

Start building the pillars above. It is enough for you to develop more and more into an expert at SEO over time.